Standard 5

Impact on Student Learning
Physical Education teacher candidates utilize assessments and reflection to foster student learning and inform instructional decisions.
Element 5.1: Teacher Candidates will select or create appropriate assessments that will measure student achievement of goals and objectives.

Artifact 1: Teacher Work Sample


This teacher work sample shows to the extent that effective teachers should assess and reflect upon their students learning. The work sample covers not only the three main domains; psychomotor, cognitive, and affective, but it also incorporates the fitness aspect of physical education. The various assessments used throughout the peer teaching sessions show my ability as a teacher to assess my students and reflect upon their learning. Within this packet there is also a SOFIT summary sheet. This provides the teacher with feedback that they can use regarding time spent doing certain types of instruction, and what the students where doing throughout the lesson. This work sample shows the hard work and dedication that must be put forth to ensure that as teachers we are doing all that we can to modify our teaching to reach all students and facilitate learning to the furthest extent.