I. Philosophy of Education

It is important that as a teacher I have an educational philosophy by which I teach. The basis of my educational philosophy focuses around a few strong principles, education for all, available resources, and effective teaching methods. These three components are all crucial to a sound educational system.
            The purpose of education is to educate all students effectively and efficiently. In order to ensure this is implemented properly all educators must be on the same page. Regular meetings between teachers, administrators and other faculty are necessary to understand the needs of the students and where improvement can be made. Also proper training and effective teachers must be present in order to be able to reach all students. Providing teachers with opportunities to attend professional development conferences and be retrained in their field will increase teaching effectiveness. Teachers will be reflective in their work and will use student feedback and peer evaluation to increase their teaching efficiency. Teachers will create goals for students that directly correlate to their future and align with teaching standards. All students will be educated such that they will be able to be proficient across all subject areas and obtain a strong interest in many extracurricular activities.
            Teachers will encourage student learning through progressivism and a social constructivism approach. Teaching by providing students with information and allowing them to work through this knowledge will allow for a greater understanding than if taught by direct instruction. Students will work through problems and various subjects in groups and will learn the importance of teamwork, and contribution. Students will also be provided with the opportunity to give back to their community. Fieldtrips and community involvement projects will be a regular part of the curriculum. Teachers will utilize the resources within the community and direct students to resources that they can utilize on their own. Students will learn the importance of using their education to further society and help eliminate the disparity between all community members.
            Students will be responsible for their own role in the schooling system. Opportunities are provided to help students further their education; however, students will still need motivation to explore these opportunities. Teachers will encourage and show the students the value of their educational furthering. Students will be held responsible for their behaviors. Administrators will work together to create a behavioral management plan to ensure positive student behavior that enhances the student learning.
Parents will be an active part of the student’s education. Parental support is instrumental in student’s success in education. Parents will be active members of the school; attend meetings, meet the teachers, and contribute to the classroom. They will understand the material being covered and will then help their children to understand the information being taught. Parents will supplement the information being taught in the classroom in order to help students develop a further understanding of concepts.
Education is comprised of three strong components; education for all students, effective teaching methods, and utilization of available resources. These three components encompass a wide variety of objectives and work together to create the most effective learning environment. Education must be revolutionized to uphold the values needed to ensure student success.

II. Philosophy of Physical Education

Physical education is an integral part of the educational system. It is important that as teachers we create a philosophy that can guide us and serve as a reminder of our values. There are four areas I find to be very important to teaching. I have created my own philosophy around these four areas: student learning, assessment, inclusivity, and enactment of these goals.
Student learning is at the forefront of physical education. When I teach skills and lifetime activities to my students, their retention and continuation of these skills is very important. In order to ensure that taught skills generalize I must be sure that student learning is taking place. I will use of adaptations to ensure learning for all students. In my physical education classroom it will be important that information is provided incorporates all of the domains.  As a physical educator I value my ability to teach students across curriculum and incorporate aspects from many other subject areas. I will work closely with other teachers to ensure that my teaching will align with what is being taught. I also value my ability to teach students physical fitness components. In alignment with the NYS and NASPE standards I will incorporate physical fitness aspects into my classroom and ensure that the students learn how to become more physically fit. I will have activities that will encourage physical fitness but also I will create opportunities outside the classroom, for students to develop this physical fitness and learn about how to incorporate this into their everyday life. In order to ensure student learning I will; provide the students with opportunity to learn in different ways, and create different activities and lessons.
Assessment is crucial in every subject area. It ensures student learning shows the student’s areas of strength and weakness. As a teacher I will use assessment to attain a baseline and then measure students learning. I also will use assessment as a feedback tool for myself. I believe that it is also a great tool for finding out where your teaching or the curriculum may be weak. Analyzing my assessments will allow me to reflect and become a more effective teacher, in turn leading to better student learning.
            Education should be equal for everyone regardless of social class, race, or gender. In my classroom I will make a concerted effort to ensure all students are taught equally and that an inclusive learning environment is created. One area where I will focus is providing equal educational opportunities to students of different ability. In physical education I will ensure that my teaching methods are effective for all students learning styles including those students with disabilities. I will create lessons that are effective for all students and will allow students to learn in their most comfortable environments.
            Physical education is a subject area that requires a great deal of responsibility on the behalf of the teacher. As a teacher I will ensure that I provide students with opportunities for learning, assess students to ensure this learning and create and inclusive environment in which all of my students can learn. I will ensure the enactment of my goals and will strive to create an effective physical education classroom and program.

III. Philosophy of Athletics

Athletics are an extremely important component of the education system. A wide array of values, and life skills can be taught through sports and interscholastic athletics. As a coach I will apply my educational background and knowledge of sport, to create an environment where learning and athletics go hand in hand. I will go beyond the physical, placing an emphasis on values, knowledge, and community involvement that will further my team.
            My coaching philosophy is based around team success and education through athletics. The philosophy has been developed in reference to the four C’s in the NYS Athletics framework: competence, character, civility, and citizenship.  My purpose is to encourage player development, and instill my players with a sense of integrity while eliminating disrespect between players and coaches. I will encourage such growth and development while constantly teaching skills, morals, and values, upholding my role as an educator. It is important to note that although at lower levels success may occur with minimal learning, this is not true at higher levels. In order to be ultimately successful, coaches must instill their players with the very knowledge and skills they themselves possess.
            I value my ability to interact with my players, others involved in athletics, and the community as a whole. Coaching goes beyond just teaching skills, it must encompass character building and community service. I will be sure that my coaching reflects these values and represents the ideals as stated in the NYS Athletics Framework.

            This philosophy has been created and revised in reference to previous coaching styles I have worked under, as well as my own reflections from my coaching experience. My former soccer coach Lucas Ahl, has also given me great inspiration through his coaching style and has shaped the foundations of my philosophy. Ideals such as knowledge, values, and community involvement are instrumental in an effective team and are crucial parts of this philosophy. I will strive to be an effective coach and implement all aspects of my philosophy in any sport I may coach This philosophy is fluid and will change and adapt as I gain more experience in the coaching field and will always reflect my values and morals.