Professional Development

Our New York state associate for health, physical education, recreation, and dance. This organization helps be to obtain current information that is relevant to my teaching career. They put on events and conferences that can further any physical education program. All aspects of their organization are part of my role as a teacher.

National association that helps me obtain and stay current on information regarding my profession. This organization puts together events and conferences which serve to further health, physical education, recreation, and dance.

SUNY Cortland Mini-Conference
The SUNY Cortland mini-conference was a great experience. I not only got to help organize the event, being part of APEM (physical education majors club), I also got to go to many of the presentations. There were two presentations that really stuck out in my mind as having the most effect on me professionally. The first was by a renowned physical educator, John Smith. John Smith has won physical educator of the year awards as well as many other prestigious honors. He showed how simple things such as "noodle bits" and rubber pizzas could be used to teach effectively. I especially liked his inclusion of the parachute. Often times physical educators overlook the value of many teaching tools. John Smith taught me to be resourceful in my teaching and to always think what is best for my students. The second presentation that impacted me professionally was on IPads and education. I am enrolled in the 4+1 program here at SUNY Cortland and intend to get my masters degree in health. This presentation really opened my eyes to the wonderful things that you can do with Ipads. I think that teachers often are afraid to incorporate technology into their lessons and classroom. I learned that when used properly technology can really ameliorate our teaching.

NYS AHPERD Conference

NYSABA Conference
This conference really opened my eyes to the world of applied behavioral analysis. I learned the benefits that this can have in controlling behavior in the classroom. Applied to sports and physical education ABA can do a lot of great things. This conference really showed me how we must be constantly searching for better methods and testing and retesting our ways of teaching. Attached are some of my notes from the conference.

Presidents List: Fall 2011
Presidents List

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Tau Sigma Honorary Society
Honorary society for only the top 5% of students academically

Teaching Assistant for Educational Psychology: Spring 2012
Duties include grading, research, and tutoring. This is a real life application of teaching. Working as a TA gives me great insight as to how I will teach and the organizational and managerial skills that I will need. Further coursework and research has helped me mature as a professional and I have adopted new philosophies and a new outlook on teaching.